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“The Portal” App promotes your brand through the surveys that are created and uploaded with the AppTech Gateway Web Interface. Each Survey has its own unique icon of your choice. Your companies branding will have promoted through “The Portal” whenever an app user is nearby your location. See the “Be Rewarded” page.

Of Surveyed Customers 66% want to be engaged, in a personalized, authentic and attractive way. 62% say “Listen to my needs, empathize will my situation and follow through”. 65% say “Know and Remember me, my preferences and my needs”. 67% want to be empowered and get the experience that desire. 56% want to be delighted with creative moments that surprise them.

Your company’s brand is a logo is the “face” of your business, it’s what people instantly recognize. AppTech Gateway’s “The Portal” gives the desired impression of your company. A lasting memorable experience, first by bringing the customer into your store because they received a “Be Rewarded” notification while near your establishment. If a customer is unhappy, the worst thing that can happen is for them to say nothing, leave your store and never return without you knowing why.

Second, seeing your branding in “The Portal” when a customer who is in your establishment, completes one of your custom survey’s.

Thirdly, because of AppTech Gateway’s real-time notifications, instead of leaving your establishment unhappy, never to return. Your on-duty staff can respond quickly to the customer’s needs. Thus, creating a memorable wow experience. What better way to create that most sought after positive experience than to attend your customer’s every need?