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Be Rewarded

There is no business like repeat business and the feedback that returning guests can offer through the AppTech Gateway Portal notifications systems provides valuable, actionable, guest experience insight into each of your property locations and how it affects ongoing revenue performance.

Have you ever wanted to offer your customers an incentive for spending their money in your establishment?

With “The Portal” and the AppTech Gateway Interface, you can now offer a quick incentive in less than two minutes. Offer any incentive you like. Perhaps it’s a discount which you already have built into your pricing or it’s in line with your current advertisement that already offers an incentive to bring customers through your doors.

With all of the competition out there, businesses are fighting for a bigger piece of the market share while trying to keep their costs down.

Now, you have the best of both worlds. By offering an incentive through The Portal’s “Be Rewarded” section, you can survey with specific questions to help understand what your customers are looking for to enhance their overall experience while gaining valuable insights to help your company grow. These can be questions that you’ve always wanted answers to, or industry targeted questions that we provide for you that become customer surveys with the AppTech Gateway Web Interface in no time at all.

Once your surveys are set up, your company will receive Real-Time Data at blistering speeds from our interface in any delivery format that suits you, from in-app notifications to text messages to emails. You choose who receives them, when and how. See the “Real-Time Notifications” page.