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As the renowned American engineer, statistician, professor, and management consultant W. Edwards Deming once said, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” And that couldn’t be more true of a business, especially in the hospitality business.

Fundamentally, our app is about human interaction – how are people interacting today & how customers are interacting with businesses.

History shows us that the companies that prioritize the customer, not those that simply tried to protect their traditional marketplace, won the battle over the industry.

It takes twice as much work to earn a new customer as it does to please an existing one, so don’t let one bad experience spell the end of a good customer relationship. If you think online reviews don’t matter, consider the fact that consumers now find a restaurant’s star rating to be the number one factor in choosing a place to dine, according to recent findings by

According to a Harvard Business Review Research Report by Michael Luca, for restaurants, a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a five-to-nine percent increase in revenue. So, it’s clear that a restaurant’s online presence and reputation does in fact have an effect on its success.

Imagine every customer, a happy customer. Is it a dream world? Not anymore. Your business can know that your guests are happy. Because once in a while problems arise, your business can be in the best possible position rectify any situation will Real-time actionable data sent via notification to your on-duty staff.

There’s no business like repeat business, the feedback guests can offer through the AppTech Gateway Portal, will provide valuable (and actionable) insight into a each of your property locations guest experience and how it affects ongoing revenue performance.