Thank you for your interest in our app. We hope that you enjoy using it and we look forward to any feedback as we continue with our Beta testing phase. To send your feedback, please email us at [email protected].

How to Use

When first activating the app, swipe left until you get to the registration form and then click the Submit button. There’s no need right now to fill out any fields. After that, except the permissions requested for the app to access critical functionalities of the phone. Once you’ve done so, click the button for the phone ringer. You will then be taken to a configuration screen, where you can customize your pin and more.

How to Activate Ringer

To trigger phone ringer, text your phone number a code with this structure:<PIN><KEYWORD>. For example, with the default pin of 1234, you would text:

  • 1234 LOST
  • 1234 LYFT

Please Note: As you are downloading this app from our site instead of the Google App Store, your cellphone’s security settings may result in a pop-up message. If you see this, please click on the Settings button and go to Lock Screen and Security > Unknown Sources and click the toggle to accept.