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Would You Really Want This Customer to Tweet Her 125,884 Followers About Her Unacceptable Hotel Stay or Dining Experience?

Today, nearly everyone uses review sites & social media to decide where to have dinner, stay in hotels or book travel. Your customers decide in mere seconds where they will spend their money based on readily available review information.  

 With AppTech Gateway's new mobile APP you'll gain insight into your customer's perspective while they are still in your establishment.  Because everyone would you like a custom-built, real-time information stream at a fraction of the cost compared to expensive surveys that are dated by the time you receive them? We are willing to give a 30-day FREE Trial.  See the Video below.

In view of customers being so willing to respond to issues good or bad, would you rather have them respond to time sensitive issues directly to your management or leave reviews online?  Because the Apptech Gateway Portal can harness this information and is completely customizable, this App will meet business needs in every industry.

You will know immediately where training is needed, be able to improve employee people skills, while proving to your customers that you care about them and are the exception in your industry. In the interest of knowing your customers better, would you like to have real-time data with pin-point accuracy to grow your business?

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