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How can you tell if your business & staff are delivering a wow customer experience?  Measuring customer experience is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations.  The AppTech Web Interface should be in your Tech Toolbox.  

The AppTech Portal employs geo-fencing technology to notify and encourage app users to bring their patronage to a nearby local establishment.

The Portal users receive notifications when nearby a participating business offering rewards to the new customer for coming into the establishment. The app users are incentivized to give honest feedback via the in-app survey.  Survey’s are submitted while on location and provide real-time actionable data back to business.

Apptech Portal users have access to participating business lists within the app and, to geofenced mapped locations to nearby businesses. 

Users can also view rewards being offered for the customers patronage.  While at the local business, the app will trigger the survey opportunity along with the reward offered for completing & submitting the survey.  Thus, the user is incentivized to provide feedback.

The AppTech Portal is backed by a state of the art web interface, whereby all feedback data is in quantifiable actionable format.  The data is provided instantly when a customer submits a survey to the business.  Depending on the threshold set by a participating business, notifications are triggered and sent to on-duty staff members if there are low star ratings or feedback given that would suggest a patron having a less than desirable experience.

Customer expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast!   Negative unresolved problems with a business travel at light speed.  Your business can change their stars.

With an AppTech Gateway subscription to the web interface, your customers will rave about their stellar experience while they shopped in your store, ate at your restaurant, travel to a destination or stayed in your hotel.