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AppTech Gateway is committed to help your team members thrive professionally by providing the most accurate details of your customers experiences live & in real-time.

This Data will absolutley let you take the guess work out training, especially where improvement is needed.

Employee development is a journey, your staff, will be able to grow & provide the best customer experience from every piece of data provided thru our App and web interface.

AppTech tools that will help you effectively manage your employees and improve profitability.

The best tools today allow owners and operators to be more proactive and less reactive, with more targeted and accurate data not only about what’s happening right now, but what’s next.


Employee Performance & KPI’s Key Performanace Indicators

Labor costs, of course, aren’t just limited to salaries. There are also the hidden costs of employee performance. In other words, there’s how much a company pays for each unit of labor, and then there’s how much value it gets from each of those individual units. This is why:

With Innovation from AppTech Gateway, you’ll be able to develop KPIs to measure your employees’ performance, both in terms of their attitude and their output. For example, you might have KPIs measuring appearance and friendliness as well as KPIs measuring speed of service, cleanliness of rooms, etc. Staff turnover is another employee-related KPI that’s important in any business.

The sky is the limit with the information that is available with the Apptech Gateway Portal.