Address critical issues at the source in a timely manner.

Would You Really Want This Customer to Tweet to Her 125,884 Followers About Her Challenging Hotel Stay?

Some customers do not like confrontation, no matter how upset they are. They will allow their frustrations to build up, ensuring that a bad experience will only get worse.  Some employees have no clue how to provide stellar customer service… Without quantifiable feedback it’s hard to know who is falling short from your guests perspective.

Give your customers a voice that comes with a listening and responsive ear that cares to address any dissatisfaction straight away. They will also enjoy a nice incentive just for being honest with how their experience can be improved. Pinpoint where training is needed and hold employees accountable.  Prove to your customers that you are the exception in your industry… you actually care. Enjoy the new 5-star reviews you’ll receive from customers that were so impressed, that you went above and beyond to make them happy.

It’s a Win Win