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Real-Time Analytics

Receive vital information about your establishment, or your employees, using real-time data.

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Real-Time Analytics

Apptech has a fully interactive consumer mobile App that allows you, the client, the ability to see the consumer’s problem as it happens in real-time.

This new App is tailored for our clients; to help enhance and grow their business by receiving vital information about your establishment, or your employees, using real-time data.

As an international company, we know and understand that the problems that many businesses are going through are the same all over the world… until now.

With our new App, you’ll know who’s unsatisfied in real time as its happening, and be able to turn that potential 1-star rating into a 5-star consumer report in no time…..

The power behind “The Portal” is AppTech Gateway’s custom built web interface where businesses can analyze real-time data as it is submitted by “The Portal” app users.

  • Businesses can create custom customer surveys or use one from the survey library.
  • Access phenomenal reporting and create/customize any info needed survey.
  • Receive real time information from your business users without third party influence such as Expedia, Trip Advisor or Yelp……just you, and your business users direct.
  • After downloading the Free App, users register The Portal App with their contact information.
  • Users will check-in to one of our businesses/sponsors on “Nearby Rewards”.
  • Users answer survey questions on their experience with staff, product, site, etc.
  • Real-time reporting generated from user feedback delivered immediately via the Web Interface. SMS / Notifications to designated managerial and/or other on-duty personnel.