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Customers can completely customize & deliver new surveys within seconds. The Portal Web interface can be used for any business wanting quantifiable real-time actionable data while a customer is still within their establishment. We have been beta-testing for months. Many improvements are slated for future additions to The Portal.

The AppTech Gateway’s custom Web Interface is unique. From the reporting system, your on-duty staff will have notifications delivered directly to whomever you choose. Perhaps the manager on duty, receives this notification when the threshold set meets the criteria to warrants a notification. This system allows notification designees to intervene with actionable real-time data, if a customer is unhappy.

Our Tech team has diligently worked to create a great product. Customers can log in to the interface with any computer. You’ll have survey Response Reports, Libraries, Designers & Survey Question Summaries (You’ll be able to see the overall rating of any questions surveyed). Questions can be toggled on and off. Configure your entire company and its branches. New surveys take only about 2 minutes and can be deployed immediately or later. The possibilities are endless.